Classic Golf Links of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland

By Donald Steele

Photography by Brian Morgan

Foreword by Peter Thomson

256 pages


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Classic Golf Links of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland

Seaside links courses offer golfers unmatched challenges and enchanting scenery. And while they can be found in many parts of the world, the links of the British Isles are the most famous in their class.

Donald Steel takes readers on a tour of seventy-five spectacular greens along windswept beaches and sheer cliffs of Britain and Ireland. These links prove true the old belief that courses are for expanding a player’s abilities, rather than defining and confining them as in so many other sports. Steel offers up destinations like St. Andrews, Royal St. George’s, and Formby, Ballybunion, and Muirfield among the seaside playing fields that have been the home to championship tournaments and amateur aspirations.

With scorecards, maps, color photos, and helpful hints for most holes, this guide is an essential reference tool for the traveling golfer. It tells the history of the courses it covers and provides information on the designers who built them and the pros who have set their records.

Brian Morgan’s stunning photography handsomely captures the majestic layout of the courses. From the deceptive lengths to the treacherous traps, his visual log of the courses prepares golfers for the beauty and challenges that await them. His award-winning and world-renowned pictures have appeared in golf journals on both sides of the Atlantic and in several exhibitions.

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