History of Congressional Country Club 1924 – 1984

Congressional Country Club History

1924 – 1984

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History of Congressional Country Club

It all began in 1921 as the result of efforts by Congressmen Oscar E. Bland and O.R. Luhring of Indiana. They felt the need for a Club where Members of Congress could meet socially with businessmen. Chevy Chase and Columbia Country Clubs were both in existence but they were mostly for Washingtonians and did not specialize in members of Congress. The idea was taken to Herbert Hoover, who at the time was the Secretary of Commerce, and he agreed to help wholeheartedly.

Next, a Founders’ Club was established to draw up plans. A prospectus was written and circulated to Members of Congress and the business community on a nationwide basis inviting lifetime memberships for $1,000 each. An architect was commissioned to create a model so those prospective members would be able to see what the future clubhouse would look like. This model has been taken out of storage, rehabilitated¬†and is displayed in History Hall. In a few months, enough memberships were sold to make the dream come true. Among some of the early members were John D. Rockefeller, the duPonts, Walter Chrysler, William Randolph Hearst, Harvey S. Firestone, James W. Gerard, Mrs. Rockefeller McCormick, Howard E. Coffin, Bernard B. Baruch, Eugene G. Grace, John J. Raskob, Edward L. Doheny, Julius Rosenwald, A. Mitchell Palmer, Thomas Fortune Ryan, Harry E. Sinclair, O.P. VanSweringen, Larz Anderson and Charles C. Glover and son…

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Congressional Country Club’s Rich American History (Video)

Congressional Country Club, located in Bethesda, Maryland, is this weeks venue for the 2016 Quicken Loans National Invitational. The club itself originally was an idea that spawned from Indiana congressmen in need of a place to meet clients in the Washington D.C.

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