The Education of a Woman Golfer

By Nancy Lopez

with Peter Schwed

The pro golfer who won Rookie of the Year, Golfer of the Year, and Female Athlete of the Year all in the same year describes her golf education in terms of philosophy, biology, psychology, and chemistry

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The Education of a Woman Golfer

In All Golfing History, no newcomer to the professional scene, male or female, has ever enjoyed the success and made the impact that Nancy Lopez did in her rookie year.  At the age of 21, she broke all records in prize-money winnings for women and men, won nine tournaments including five in a row, and made an unprecedented sweep of every year-end award:  Rookies of the Year, Golfer of the Year, and Female Athlete of the Year.  Now in this, her second year, she is more than maintaining her pace and is actually turning in even more spectacular performances.

This book tells Nancy Lopez’s entire personal story, starting fringe the day when she was eight and her father (her only golf teacher) handed her a club and told her to hit the ball.  She goes on to explain in words and in high-speed action photographs just how she does it.  She takes the reader behind the scenes of the LPGA an relates how she feels about each of her major rivals.  Then she describes her golf education in terms of philosophy (even the best lose tournaments more frequently than they win), biology (the differences between men and womens golf), psychology (playing different opponents, different ways), business (money winnings, endorsements, etc.), chemistry (the special rapport with her caddie and her falling in love); plus much more.

Nancy Lopez has already won just about everything possible, and she seems well on her way toward establishing a record unmatched in the history of women’s golf.  Meanwhile she has written the Sports Book of the Year.  Illustrated throughout with more than 70 photographs.

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