Fairways and Greens

“Tell me about plumbing, fine. Tell me about  carpentry, terrace gardening, the timer on VCRs. Go  ahead and explain cellophane. Tell me about all of  these things, but don’t try to tell me about golf,  okay? Golf I know.”

–Dan  Jenkins


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Fairways and Greens

by Dan Jenkins

After four decades of covering golf-not to  mention “playing scratch from the blues and  gambling for my own money when I didn’t have  any”, Dan Jenkins most definitely knows golf. He may,  in fact, know the game better than anyone on the  planet. Now, his latest and long awaited  collection brings together his best writing on the game,  from serious pieces on timeless classics like the  1954 Masters and the 1960 Open to humorous takes on  everything from the best things in golf-the best  bar is Club XIX in the Pebble Beach Lodge-to his  unrequited love of golf carts. With a cast that  includes everyone from Hogan, Palmer, and Nicklaus to  all of the lurkers and spoilers on the PGA Tour,  the book is a timeless addition to great golf  literature.

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