The PGA Tour: A Look Behind the Scenes

By Dick Durrance

157 pages


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PGA Tour : A Look Behind the Scenes

When PGA Tour commercials tout These Guys Are Good, they’re referring to the players on the Tour. But, as The Tour illustrates, the phrase also applies to the behind-the-scenes people who help make the PGA Tour the most successful it’s ever been. From greens keepers and Tour organizers to trainers and the professional golfers themselves, no golf ball is left unturned in this comprehensive collection of images and essays.Through black-and-white photography and one-on-one interviews, renowned photojournalist Dick Durrance II presents an insider’s view of the human story behind the PGA Tour. Readers get a firsthand account from perspectives rarely heard, such as those of the wives of top PGA players, the Tour’s best course superintendents, and the TV crews who televise each Tour event. The book also includes a section on Tigermania from the viewpoint of the loyal fans trying to catch up with golf’s youngest legend, Tiger Woods.The Tour provides golf enthusiasts with a rich treasure of photos and stories, making this a must-have collection for fans of golf’s most significant event

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