Pictorial History of American Golf

137 pages of turn of the century photographs provided by the United States Library of Congress


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Shortly after golf first came to America in 1888, John Reid and several friends laid out an informal three-hole course in a pasture across the street from his Yonkers home.

Although ridiculed publicly and privately for their keen interest in an apparently silly game, these early golfers persisted, the game flourished, and courses multiplied.

A scant seven years later, the New York Times reported: “In the history of American field sports there can be found no outdoor pastime that developed and attained such popularity in such a relatively short period of time as the game of golf.”

Here is the diverse history of how golf took new roots in America as viewed through a fascinating collection of rare photographs, with narrative drawn from the pages of period publications.

Follow the game from humble beginnings to refinements in both courses and equipment.

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