The Square To Square Golf Swing

by Dick Aultman and the Editors of Golf Digest

Illustrated by Anthony Ravielli

Considered to be one of the worst instruction books of all-time!


122 pages

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The Square To Square Golf Swing

1970: by Dick Aultman and The Editors of Golf Digest Р127 pages РThe purpose of this book is to explain the square-to-square method as a total swing concept.  One of the first instructional books out from Golf Digest.  Click the link below for a great background story on this gem.

The Square-to-Square Golf Swing: Is This the Worst Golf Instruction Book of All Time? – Golf Digest

Before Facebook, before Snapchat, before the Internet even, it went viral. It was “the secret” to better golf. Hogan’s Five Lessons had nothing on Square-to-Square. And then, almost as quickly, it was golf’s Edsel/New Coke/Trump Steaks, the game’s great cautionary tale. And it was our flop, too, one of Golf Digest’s first books, and a doozy.

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