St. Andrews: Stories from the Home of Golf

St. Andrews is THE home of golf. The balls, clubs and rules of the game were developed here and for 500 years Royals and commoners have enjoyed the bracing challenge of the links. Today the Old Course is a mecca for players from all over the world and in 1990 another milestone was reached when the 119th Open drew record entry


Published by Lang Syne Publishers

Edited by Calum Maclaren

Featuring “My St. Andrews” by Jack Nicklaus


55 pages


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St. Andrews: Stories from the Home of Golf

This fascination booklets is packed with facts, snippets and opinion about “the gowf” and its lore. It incorporates “Reminiscences of Golf on St. Andrews Links” which Edinburgh lawyer James Balfour-Melville published just over 100 years ago. He gives a rare and first hand insight into many of the great characters who helped shape the story of golf. We have a guide to the Old Course of the 1990’s. Jack Nicklaus reveals the moment on it he will cherish forever and explains why St. Andrews will always have a special place in his heart. Our diary highlights major events from the calendar of golf, dating back to 1457 when the King of Scotland banned the game as a threat to national security. And our Off the Tee Sections will make you smile and start some lively debate at the 19th.

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