The Ryder Cup : Seven Decades of Golfing Glory, Drama, and Controversy

By Dale Concannon

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The Ryder Cup

Seven Decades of Golfing Glory, Drama, and Controversy

In 1926, wealthy seed merchant Samuel Ryder agreed to provide a trophy for the best of teams from two countries. What he started is a unique competition that, for the last seventy years, has regularly raised golf tempers to the boiling point on both sides of the Atlantic.It all started amicably enough, but the sense of shock in British clubhouses was palpable when, in 1927, the United States took the first contest by a humiliating margin of 9 -2 . The 1933 contest, hosted that year by Britain, saw patriotic fans overrunning the fairways, setting a tone of hostility, blame, and mutual animosity-with touches of grand displays of sportsmanship-that would last for more than half a century.With the American PGA Tour now producing a steady supply of hardened professional competitors, and with new European players making an increasing impact on the golfing scene, it was decided in 1977 that the Cup would become a “Europe versus America” affair.The Ryder Cup is a thorough history of this fascinating tournament and a well-written chronicle of its attendant glory, drama, and controversy.ABOUT THE AUTHORDale Concannon is a former PGA professional who began writing about golf in the mid-1980s. The author of seven books on the game, he is a regular contributor to many international golf magazines. Concannon is a keen golf collector, with one of the finest collections of early golf photography in the world.

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