The Walter Hagen Story: By The Haig, Himself

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By Walter Hagen, Margaret Seaton Heck  

Edited by Daniel Wexler

342 pages


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The Walter Hagen Story

By The Haig, Himself

This is Walter Hagen’s own story of the two decades when he ruled the golfing world as king. Hagen not only won a major tournament every year for twenty years-a record never even approached by any other golfer-but his personality dominated the game during that period. Before he came along, professional golfers held the status of hired hands. The Haig was the man who crashed the front door of the club-houses, and he brought along with him the entire fraternity of golf professionals.

He was a magnificent showman, and, in addition to changing the social standing of the golf pro, his competitive skill and flamboyant character built up public interest in golf throughout the world. The Haig became the fashion plate that others copied for years. He was the honored guest of emperors and the tutor and personal friend of the young Edward, then Prince of Wales.

All this and much more are set down in this book in a style that has the same swashbuckling flavor as characterized his long-playing career. Who but Hagen, needing to hole-out on a 150-yard approach to the last hole of the British Open, would have the nerve and flair to request an official to go forward and hold the flag? And having done so, with thousands of eyes upon him, who else would have had the skill and control to almost pull off the miracle? Hagen, more than any other golfer, helped spread golf worldwide. This is his story, in his words.

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1 review for The Walter Hagen Story: By The Haig, Himself

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    When I get to this book (I am currently reading two books) I am sure that I will like it as I am interested in knowing more about Walter Hagen and the era of golf that he lived and played in.

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